"Even somebody as burned and dead on the inside as me knows better than to underestimate the simple yet undeniable power of human love." -Peter Hale

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Hey guys! There’s a special promo offer running through my society6 account until June 8 (midnight pacific time). If you click on the promo link provided, you get FREE SHIPPING! Unfortunately not on stretched canvases or framed prints- but all other items are covered under the promo and that includes non-framed prints, i-pod/i-phone cases and skins, i-pad cases and skins, laptop skins, mugs and stationery cards! So please check it out & reblog! Thanks for your support!


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Oh my!

Don’t sign in for a few days and when I come back, one of my posts has 79 notes! Woah! It might seem insignificant compared to some of the posts with thousands- hundreds of thousands of notes, even but every one of those notes matters to me and thank you to the people who liked/reblogged it! You all rock!

I know I’m flogging this but it is available as a print (currently only in colour but soon in black and white as well) on my society6 account, also under rorishadows if you’re interested in owning your own copy and supporting me- along with some of my other work and more is to come.

Thank you guys so much! I will be posting some more photos up on here in the near future too :)

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Anneliese Downer | Society6

This is where I’ll be selling prints of some of my photography! I will love you forever if you buy/reblog etc (and even if you don’t.) Not expecting any popularity but if you do have requests out of anything I have up, please let me know! A lot of it is animal photography right now but I will work on getting some other things up there and maybe even some sketches etc at some point.

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This has become one of my favourite photos… (Even with the poop.)

Edit: Now available as a print (colour only at the moment) here.

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A Fresh Start

Kind of, anyway. I have emptied out my blog other than a few essentialish posts- things like some old pics of me and some of my artwork in order to start afresh. Feels weird knowing some of what makes me, me is gone but I will rebuild it! It’s good to have a fresh start anyway.

A little bit about me:

I’m Anneliese Downer and as you may notice looking at some of my artwork, my initials are ACD (and I was pretty much destined to be an ACDC fan, hence why I bought the squealer font for my watermark). I’m 22, born on Valentine’s Day which is a whole lot less exciting than it sounds, and I’m a qualified makeup artist with a Diploma in Specialised Makeup Services. I studied design for 3 years after leaving high school but found that I prefer it when I can create art for myself. I’m going back to university in August to complete a Bachelor of Arts- majoring in Writing.

As you can probably tell by my blog, my current show obsession is Teen Wolf and don’t worry I will soon be refilling my blog with stuff, I’m sure. If you’re interested and you watch closely you can probably follow my tags for the show/characters. 

I’ve just set up an account with Society6, which will soon have some of my photography up and available for sale! Hopefully some of you will check it out once I have it fully running. Speaking of which, I’m going to get to work on that right now so peace out!

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Scott and Kira, Episode 3:17

I just made this scene, shot by shot into gifs and it was too perfect not to share with you no matter how many times it might already be out there. Scott’s expression kills me and then there is Kira’s beautiful face gah.

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These arrived today!

Thanks to the lovely Hannah! You can and should check out her Etsy HERE!

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So after scribbling some art at work the other day, I figured I should pick up a pencil and actually draw something productive.

Soooo here’s a WIP of Joe Manganiello. It’s getting there slowly but needs more work. This is, however, the first time I’ve picked up a pencil and just sat down and sketched anything for a while. Worked on it for a while last night and will sit down and work on it some more tonight.

Alexander Skarsgard is next on my list ;)

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